Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants

"Wellfarm Vets"

Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants provide mobile health and wellness services to cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, and backyard poultry out of Roanoke, with consulting services available to all of Virginia and West Virginia.
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Humane Sustainable Processing
Humane Sustainable Processing

Humane & Sustainable Processing

"Wellfarm Meats"

Wellfarm Meats is a start-up, founded by livestock veterinarians Hannah Varnell and Shaanthi Nair, with the ambitious goal of developing a multi-species meat processing plant in southwest Virginia.

Wellfarm Meats is partnering with local engineers, local farmers, and local government to bring a much needed resource to the community that fulfills modern principles of economic development: retention of resources, environmental sustainability, and community engagement.

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