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Wellfarm Co. was created because we believe that animal health, human health, and environmental health are interrelated to a point where our industry needs to change in order to adapt to strains on each of these respective entities.

We are comprised of 2 separate and equally important entities: Wellfarm Vets and Wellfarm Meats. Firstly, Wellfarm Vets provide livestock herd health services to Virginia and West Virginia with a one health approach. Secondly, Wellfarm Meats is a startup in the works — it will take time, but we will eventually open a mid-size meat-processing plant in southwest Virginia that promotes all entities of the one health movement.

Altogether, our goal is to serve animal producers in Virginia and West Virginia with the best veterinary and processing services available.

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Pig, hog

Founder, CEO

Hannah Varnell

A livestock veterinarian and social entrepreneur.

Hannah received a degree in economics from Stanford University, which she utilized in global health research and agricultural development in East Africa prior to attending North Carolina State College of Veterinary Medicine. At NC State she received a Certificate in Global Health by focusing on livestock health and global food security.

Furthermore, after graduation she completed an internship and residency at Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine in Production Management Medicine. She now lives in Roanoke with her beagles, her fiance, and her goat, Martian. 


Shaanthi Nair

An educator, influencer, and advocate for the intersection of human, animal, and environmental health. Shaanthi cultivated the curriculum at Virginia Tech College of Veterinary Medicine, which she attended and graduated with academic honors.

What’s more, she also comes from a multicultural household and grew up in West Virginia, so diversity, equity and inclusion come natural to her in a production animal setting.

Shaanthi consults remotely for Wellfarm as she gains critical early experience in livestock medicine with a reputable practice in New York.

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Livestock are livelihoods

Wellfarm Veterinary Consultants provide livestock health and wellness services to cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, and backyard poultry out of Roanoke, Virginia.

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