Roanoke County

Wellfarm Vets operates out of Roanoke County and provides mobile veterinary services to farms all over the region including Botetourt, Bedford, Franklin, Montgomery, Craig, & Floyd Counties.

Farms in the rest of Virginia and West Virginia can be serviced as well with adequate coordination. Further farms without access to a local veterinarian are encouraged to enroll in Herd Health Plans to capitalize on Telehealth Services and Emergency Referrals


Preventative medicine is the core mission for all farms through Herd Health Plans.
But, farm life happens and Wellfarm Vets can certainly provide as needed veterinary services for sick and injured animals, including but not limited to:

Preventative Medicine

  • Nutritional Management
  • Vaccine Protocols
  • Deworming Protocols
  • Reproductive Synchronization
  • Standard Operating Procedures

Individual Animal Health

  • Respiratory diseases/outbreaks
  • Diarrheal diseases/outbreaks
  • Dystocias (problems with parturition)
  • Wounds/Injuries/Fractures
  • Toxicity/Dietary Indiscretion


Wellfarm Vets specializes in cattle (beef & dairy), small ruminants (goats & sheep), pigs, camelids (llamas & alpacas), and backyard poultry.

Equine patients are accepted for preventative care, i.e. vaccinations, coggins, dental flotation.

Livestock guardian dogs and barn cats can also receive preventative care, i.e. vaccinations, heartworm testing and prevention, rabies tags.

At Home Euthanasia

Euthanasia services are provided to all animals in the comfort of their home or farm.

Wellfarm Vets is a licensed ambulatory practice and therefore can provide this humane end of life care to those in need.

Please make plans for your animal's remains in accordance with local county ordinances for burial or composting, a private cremation service, or with a state agricultural lab for necropsy and disposal.
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