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Farm Animal Welfare Certification Programs USDA

Farm Animal Welfare Certification Programs: USDA ** **This link contains a few of the most well-known farm animal welfare certification programs. Standards, guidelines, and enrollment vary by program. Mention of commercial

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Cattle (Beef & Dairy) Resources

Cattle Diseases of National Importance USDA APHIS

Cattle Diseases of National Importance: USDA APHIS APHIS supports cattle and bison health and the associated industries through domestic and global programs and partnerships that address a range of priority disease

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National Dairy Council The dairy checkoff­ was created by American dairy farmers to build trust in and sales of dairy, funded by

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Small Ruminant (Sheep & Goat) Resources

Swine (Pig) Resources

Virginia Pork Council Pork Quality Assurance PLUS® & Transport Quality Assurance® advisors available. The Council is a Virginia Nonstock Corporation which is

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Avian (Poultry) Resources