Know Your Options for Emergencies

Emergency medical situations are unpredictable, stressful, and imminent. It is imperative to have a relationship with a veterinarian prior to an emergency event so that the appropriate triage and referral can be made in your animal’s best interest.

All Wellfarm clients have emergency options so that you are not on your own when that adverse situation arises.

Why Do I Need A Referral?

Referrals are a common way for veterinarians to triage emergent conditions and refer to the appropriate professional that can best serve you and your animal at the time needed. If you do not have a current VCPR then emergency services cannot be guaranteed with any veterinary professional.
Additionally, tertiary care referral hospitals require a referral to receive emergencies from non-clients. Through this network we can ensure that everyone’s time, resources, and health are given the most sensitive consideration. 

Emergency Options

Herd Health Plans

Non-Plan Clients