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All prescription medication requests must have an accompanying VCPR for a current Wellfarm client.

Accessing Veterinary Prescriptions

Note that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently finalized guidance to bring remaining approved over-the-counter (OTC) medically important antimicrobial drugs used for animals under veterinary oversight.  

This means that in June of 2023, all medically important antibiotics will move from OTC to prescription. 

This ruling is part of an action plan to “support antimicrobial stewardship in veterinary settings and control antimicrobial resistance via the judicious use of antimicrobials within our community and food supply” and is supported by the knowledge that antibiotics should only be used in animals when a licensed veterinarian deems it necessary for the “treatment, control, or prevention of specific diseases” even if those animals are not intended for food production (GFI 263).

Anyone seeking prescription medications will need a current Veterinary Client Patient Relationship VCPR to obtain these products.

What Drugs Will Need A Prescription?

A prescription will be needed for all medically important antimicrobials.
The FDA has a full list of new animal drug applications affected by GFI 263. Examples of affected antibiotics include injectable penicillin (PPG) and oxytetracycline (LA 200/300) that would otherwise be purchased at local farm stores or retail suppliers. 

Online Rx Options

Wellfarm Vets clients have access to an online pharmacy that ships most drugs and products to your door. Prescription medications can be approved based on telehealth consultations.

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